Hanging Type Cantilever Submerged Arc Welding Machine

Hanging Type Cantilever Submerged Arc Welding Machine

LHA-4000 H-beam Automatic Welding Machine

Gantry gate type H-beam automatic sub-merge arc welding device is economical and substantial effecient, made with extensivie business experience. It can weld two H-beam work items 1 time.

The welding machine has basic and reliable composition and intelligent structure.
The primary transmission makes use of imported AC frequency converter to manage equally sides’ synchronous velocity modifying push, with stable pace, reputable digital show of linear pace. And there is 3 axis mechanical monitoring guidebook arc unit, whilst the up and down is pneumatic tracking, the still left and correct is floating tracking, therefore make sure welding torch to centralize the welding seam properly. The sub merge arc welding energy setup gadget is on the gantry gate, and moves together, and in this way, the management cable and welding cable is brief, replies fast, stress fall little, and welding currency secure. Welding handle and gate frame manage are integrated and straightforward to operate. The cable in welding arm is in the type drag chain, neat and safe.

1. The H beam gantry gate welding device has two constructions: Gantry gate go type & double cantilever go variety.
2. Gantry gate or cantilever drive approach: AC motor and R series worm reducer.
three. Welding pace: .15~one.5m/min.
4. Arc guidebook body head perform is to mechanically monitor up and down, still left and proper.
five. CZPTed frequency converter is able to comprehend gantry gate or cantilevers stepless pace adjustment, with vast speed adjustment range, high accuracy and continual output torque.
six. CZPTal management cabinet consists of major control cabinet and remote procedure box.
7. Two work-piece at one particular time.

1, Instruction guide, which includes electric and hydraulic illustrative diagram and straightforward damaged components record.
two, User guide of frequency converter, hydraulic bump station.
3, Packing record
four, Certification
five, Basis drawing for installation.

Service and guarantee:
one. Examine and acceptance
Acknowledge in accordance to specialized agreements and agreement in between every single other.
two. Typical concepts
two.1 in accordance to offer scope, offer comprehensive and successful paperwork.
two.2 the products performs stale and reliable. No deformation, abnormal shake, liquid leak, air leak and electrical energy leak. The transferring areas like chain, skate board, coupling, principal shaft performs steadily and exact.
two.3 all the components in the machine should put in correctly and firmly. No exterior hurt, and all the welding seams are in good condition, no slag, crack, dent and etc. The welding seam must be taken off anxiety.
two.four all the pipes and wires, with proper joint and trustworthy joint. They ought to be arranged in buy, proper, company and neat. There should be required protect, no wrinkle, shrink or cracks and and so forth.
two.5 the lubrication system need to operate usually, and the dependable lubrication stage is simple to access.
two.6 the portray must be complete filled, shiny, no paint scarcity, no coloration big difference and other defective phenomenon.
two.7 the title plate of the tools is full, very clear and the grounding is comply to standard.
3. Following the check and acceptance, the equipment has twelve months warranty.
And soon after the 12 months guarantee interval, we also source whole lifestyle specialized assistance and restore provider. And supply spare elements in lower rates to user.

thirty days from execution from agreement.

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Model net top mm flange width mm welder product welding variety welding speed  welding torch return velocity rails’ distance mm total power
LHA-4000 200-1500 200-800 MZ-a thousand boat-type welding .fifteen-1.5m/min 3m/min 4000 10KW,exclude welder energy
SXBH-20 two hundred-2000 two hundred-800 2000

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Hanging Type Cantilever Submerged Arc Welding Machine