380V Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Machine, Sweet Tube Manufacturing Equipment, Quick Heating Oven.

380V Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Machine, Sweet Tube Manufacturing Equipment, Quick Heating Oven.

Easy Cleansing Simple Servicing Sturdy Fast Heating Up Oven Sugar Cone Device

Business Profile

Devotion To The Cone Enterprise

With A lot more Than sixty Many years Cone Baking Knowledge Prior to Developing Our Very first STARLAND Automatic Cone Production system, a totally mechanical-operated automatic machine comes to our brain: Basic-to-use,effortless-to-maintain and dependable. The machine progressed in the past fifteen yaars to turn out to be more rapidly,more efficient and eco-friendlier. They make decent cones as well.

Today, we nevertheless take pleasure in baking cones,Baking cones and developing machines are similarly important to us. It gives us endless prospects to produce new cones or relevant products for clients. Occasionally,you need to have a new recipe,a new equipment or even a new system to create a new cone goods. We really feel that we have produced contribution to the sector when clients’ new merchandise succeed in the market place.

In China and Hong Kong , we are providing to worldwide ice-product manufacturers and intercontinental chain merchants. The productions in our cone manufacturing facility are all developed by STARLAND machines. The cones are subjected to the most stringet standards and inspection by our consumers.

We market neither cones nor equipment. We assist you from cones to answer.

The devices have traits with strength-saving, protection, sanitation, substantial capability and simple procedure. Meanwhile, we can design and make various designs according to the requirements from distinct clients.


The company has patented cone machine as follows:
1,Totally Automated Rolled Sugar Cone Equipment. Patent No.2008200424013
2.Micro Adjustable Batter Injecting Pump Patent No.2007200616790
three.Single Automobile-Roll & Push Forming Device Patent No.2008200426625
4.Twin-Pull & Thrust Cone Ejecting Device Patent No.20 0571 71619
5.Triple-Pull &Drive Cone Ejecting Device Patent No.2008201895682
six.Nozzle Type Higher Pressure Turner & Heating System Patent No.200820571496
seven.New Made Heat Absorber For Upper & reduced Baking Plates
Patent No.2009200 0571 seventy one


CBI collection and WBI sequence
(Baking Plares Size:240mmX240mmsuitable for cones duration 108mm or less and waffle basket)

  CBI-47A*/CBI-47X2A* CBI-71A*/CBI-71X2A* CBI-107A*/CBI-107X2A*
Quantity of baking plates 47 seventy one 107
CZPT Cones/hour** 4200 6600 9500
Gasoline Use(kg)/hour 5-six nine-ten eleven-12
Device Dimension(mm) 6700L*2400W*1800H 9600L*2400W*1800H 13900L*2400W*1800H
Machine Fat(kg) 4500 6500 9600
Principal Motor specification 1.5hp1.1kw 2.0hp1.5kw 2.0hp1.5kw

CBIII series and WBIII collection
(Baking Plares Measurement:320mmX240mmsuitable for cones length more than 125mm and waffle basket)

Variety of baking plates 39 fifty five 61
CZPT Cones/hour** 3500 5500 6000
Gas Intake(kg)/hour five-6 9-ten 10-eleven
Equipment Dimension(mm) 7000L*2400W*1800H 9500L*2400W*1800H 10500L*2400W*1800H
Equipment Bodyweight(kg) 4700 6500 8500
Major Motor specification 1.5hp1.1kw two.0hp1.5kw 2.0hp1.5kw

CBIV collection and WBIV series
(Baking Plares Dimensions:260mm*240mmsuitable for cones size among 100mm to 120mm and waffle basket)

  CBIV-45A*/CBIV-45X2A* CBIV-63A*/CBIV-63X2A* CBIV-101A*/CBIV-101X2A NEW*
Number of baking plates forty five sixty three 101
CZPT Cones/hour** 4000 6000 9500-10500
Fuel Usage(kg)/hour 5-six 9-10 11-twelve
Machine Dimension(mm) 6800L*2400W*1800H 9000L*2400W*1800H 14000L*2300W*2000H
Device Bodyweight(kg) 4500 6500 ten thousand
Major Motor specification 1.5hp1.1kw 2.0hp1.5kw two.0hp1.5kw

*Ameans 1 cone for every baking plate while x2A signifies two cones for each baking plate
** CZPT cone is 23° with cone duration 110mm normal cone /hour for x2A(two cones for each baking plate) only.
Also, creation output relies upon on the top quality of cone combine, oven tempreature and thickness of wafer.

380V Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Machine, Sweet Tube Manufacturing Equipment, Quick Heating Oven.